Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas, Glad it's over!

I'm so glad it's over! I had a great time and I think the family is happy too, but it feels good to be heading in the direction of warmer weather. In a few months I will be back in a better painting schedule. The warmer weather always makes it easier to paint. Over the holiday I worked on a new horse painting. It is much smaller than the previous two. I also worked on another abstract poured painting. I will post pics of these later.

This is a painting from last year, when it was consistently 20 degrees outside, might not be cold for some but for this southern girl, it was not fun! I loved researching this project. It was a quick one, since it was cold I would get a few done and run inside to warm up. The paint was really thick and if I left anything out it would be frozen.

This is a closeup, you can tell how it was quick strokes, a gesture of a mandolin. It was also painted on extremely layered paint, I think I used house paint for the background, and of course polyurethane.
Even with the economy poor I believe this year will be a year of awakening and creativity for many of us. I can feel myself opening to something better.

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