Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ongoing Clear Creek Project

This is part of my ongoing project of collecting pieces of wood from Clear Creek. This hollowed tree was ready to come down; it had been a home for woodpeckers and squirrels, we literally pushed it over. This is the top, about 6 feet long. This is at the acrylic stage, I use cheap acrylics first to decide on color and to fill in the rough parts of the wood.

This is a section, after a layer of oil paint.

The shape is exquisite. I chose the colors based on the waters of the creek, mossy greens, rich browns, reflected sky blues.

Then I added resin for shine. Shine is an important element in almost every piece in this collection.

Ultimately, I would like to light this from underneath. The light would shine through the knot holes. I want this collection to be observed in the dark and the light. Pieces that can be touched, sensual shapes with earthy colors, shiny watery surfaces with the lights on, and in darkness, the shapes of this once living organism can be appreciated separately.
The creek becomes a place where I am constantly hunting for natural shapes to transform.

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