Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Resin Earrings

These are my newest resin feather earrings. They look beautiful through the light.

This is the same pair, purple, black and orange.

These are hand painted with gold and purple.

Royal blue feathers become stain glass pendants.

These white feathers have been painted along the edges with purple and covered in irridescent paint and then resin.

You can see the irridescent green color in this shot.

Bright orange glossy with copper wire tops.

Orange feathers are painted with gold ink, spotted turquoise feather accents.

Royal blue feather dipped in resin.

Turquoise and red is my favorite strong combination of colors. Red wire tops

Hot pink and black resin dipped earrings, black enamel tops.

Painted irridescent blue with pale yellow feathers.

Turquoise comes in red enamel tops and hot pink.

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