Tuesday, October 28, 2008


It's time to get out the sweaters, 25 tonight. Leaves were crunchy with frost; by noon they had wilted into wet socks. interized the house today, planted bulbs and worked on another coat on my choctaw painting. It looks better already. My hope for winter is that I will get extra time to paint. Our 2.5 acres will be put to rest and I will have extra time to focus on just becoming better.

This painting is 3/4 feet, apprx. It is based on a map of the Persian Gulf. The blue spots are the oil and gas fields. It is an inspired piece not an exactly copied. The first layers are spray paint, enamels and polyurethane. The fields are oil

I am on a deadline to finish a home portrait for a open house gift. This painting will be smaller than what I normally work on which is at least 24/30. Since it is a gift I don't need to spend too much on paint and supplies.

I am itching to create another poured painting. They are a release from working for others. I love how they grow quietly inside until one day serendipity. The paints do according to my sub-concsious and create colors and movement that you only see in water or space. My real love is these poured pieces, with every layer they change. I feel I am freezing a moment of some movement. I need an audience though and I still haven't found the group that will get my work. This copying is not ultimately what I am meant for. I know I have a voice and it continues to say: "Look closer"

"Night" 24/48" I painted this after my show in New York. I'm sure it was influenced by the power of the city.

It was

It's for sale: 600.00

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